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We’re a landscape company that elevates homes and businesses in Perth. Transform your outdoor space into sprawling greenery.

Professional Landscaping
Services in Perth

You will enjoy a serene landscape that calms you down in the middle of a busy city.
Explore our landscaping services in Perth:

Landscaping Design

Sculpt your outdoor space according to the landscape you envision.

Commercial Landscaping

Create a landscape that exudes professionalism and reflects the strengths of your company.

Residential Landscaping

Enjoy manicured lawns and vibrant flowers that set your house apart.



Build a deck made of the finest timber, reflecting seasoned carpentry work.



Cover patios and driveways with beautiful pavers, laid perfectly by master pavers.


Retaining Walls

Take control of the slope of your land with retaining walls that support the soil.


Garden Beds

Make more room for more plants for a garden that’s full of life.



Keep plants healthy all year with a water-saving reticulation system.


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About Us

Green Oasis Landscaping is a family business passionate about bringing properties to its fullest potential.

We do not compromise quality; although we work fast, we deliver outstanding results. We unveil beautiful landscapes masterfully put together by Perth’s leading landscaping experts. Composed of seasoned contractors, our team works on every kind of outdoor space, from small residential lots to expansive commercial properties. More importantly, we offer the most competitive prices in the city.

We offer obligation-free on-site consultations, as well as free quotes via email. Tell our team the changes you plan, and we will give you an estimate. Expect no hidden charges — we value the trust of our clients.

Landscape Architects for Your Dream Landscape

Our landscape contractors serve both residential and commercial spaces in Perth.

Enhance Your Home

Our residential services focus on the preferences of the homeowners and their planned activities in the outdoor space. For instance, our contractors create garden beds for vegetable-growing and flowering plants. Pavers are installed for patios, driveways and alfresco spaces. Outdoor electrical systems are installed for get-togethers, children’s play areas or outdoor working stations. For curb appeal, we create lush carpets of healthy grass, proportionate hardscapes and other elements that match the façade of your home.

Improve Your Business Premises

Our commercial services focus on aesthetics to invite people and reflect your brand image. We craft tidy-looking lawns that set you apart from your competitors and improve the market value of the property. Plants are well-placed, while hardscapes can be fully utilised by employees and clients. We also put a premium on cost-effectiveness, ensuring that everything is easy to maintain.

Get an
Obligation-Free Quote

Fill out our online contact form to get a free quote via email. We also conduct on-site consultations and provide an obligation-free quote afterwards. Just get in touch with our team to set a date.

Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation

Do you want to focus on caring for your lawn or are you interested in lawn installation? We’ve got you covered! Leave lawn care to the professionals at Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation. 
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