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patio with concrete pavers and plants

Popular Types of Pavers for Outdoor Areas

Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to have a basic asphalt pavement for your garden. With so many other types of paving options available, it’s no surprise that homeowners are moving away from the classics and experimenting with pavers that offer both visual appeal and durability. With so many different styles and types of garden paving

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Decking Repair Steps and Maintenance Tips

When built and laid properly, decks are stylish, functional and practical additions to any garden. However, if you don’t look after it, it can soon become a moss-covered outdoor space. It can show signs of wear and tear as it ages. Decking boards may also fall victim to cracks, mould and rot. Some people, when

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wood decking

Composite vs. Wood Decking: Which One’s Better?

  As you plan to build the deck of your dreams, one of the major decisions you have to make is selecting the decking material to use. The two most popular types of deck material are wood and composite. Both wood and composite materials come in various degrees of quality, so the cost and specific

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Reticulation Systems Restrictions

Reticulation Systems and Restrictions across Australia

Nothing beats proper reticulation in keeping the lawn cool and your plants healthy during long summer days. You don’t even have to lift a finger. Just let the system take care of the task and your lawn will stay fresh. Let our reticulation experts take care of your outdoor space. We’re well-versed with the reticulation

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Replaced Retaining Wall

How to Replace Your Retaining Wall

Retaining walls assume essential functions in your landscape. They hold the soil to control erosion, create a boundary between two adjacent sections of your lawn or form a terraced yard to reduce maintenance. Over the years, they will undergo wear and tear until they reach the end of their service life. Even the best-installed walls

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How to Do Landscaping On Your Tiny Backyard

We’ve had many clients who let their backyards stay bare for years because they thought it was too tiny for proper landscaping. It’s a pity because tiny backyards have a lot of landscaping potential. Since the area is limited, you’re not pressured to populate every square foot with foliage or outdoor fixtures. It’s also cheaper

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What Does a Landscaper Do?

A landscaper is a professional who makes outdoor spaces more aesthetically pleasing. Their job involves moving earth and water to create beautiful and functional landscapes for both private and public properties. The extent of the transformation depends on what their client wants. Some want a lot of garden beds for vegetables and flowers, while others

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Tips on How to Plan for Your Landscaping Projects

You could wake up one morning, look out onto your front yard or garden and think, “I need a change of scenery.” Rather than pack your bags and head out for an exhausting, impromptu trip, we suggest that you change the landscaping of your home instead. Maybe what you really need is a fresh look

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