The Perfect Time To Plan Your Autumn Landscapes

October 13, 2021

Prepare ahead for your autumn landscaping endeavours! Let’s work hard to maintain the vibrant lushness of your garden from seasons past. Contact Us!

Racking autumn leaves

Autumn’s the ideal time of year for plants, especially trees, shrubs and perennials! Autumn may make it easier but there are many things you will need to consider for your autumn landscape. Green Oasis Landscaping  want to give the best possible care for your beautiful autumn landscapes and here’s what you will need:

  1. Prep the ground for planting. Take advantage of the perfect conditions such as cooler air temperatures, still-warm soil temperatures and some rainfall to increase soil moisture.
  2. Choose the proper plants. For your autumn landscape, some plant choices are better than others.It can also be an ideal time to choose plants for their lush autumn foliage colours.
  3. Maintenance and Upkeep. Using the proper tools, you can immediately weed out all the unnecessary plants such as weed, rotting debris to make way for new plants. When the soil’s warm and moist, new plantings will establish good root growth before slowing down in winter.

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Planting plants in autumn

Now that autumn is here, check out this quick list before undertaking any backyard landscaping ideas. Keep in mind that these are your to-do tasks prior to thinking about landscape designs.

1. Sweep The Leaves.

Sweep up any fallen leaves and debris to help the lawn “breathe” and prevent the paths from getting too slippery when it rains. Anything overgrown and in the way should be trimmed or cut back. Beyond that, any shrub which flowers from March. So, s can be cut right down, they will start to sprout in spring and then flower on that new growth next summer.Starting with a clean slate will help you plan out your landscaping ideas easily.

2. Leaf to Mulch.

All of the leaves you sweep up will make great compost. You can pile the leaves into black plastic bags, put a few holes in them and tie them up. Leave them for a couple of seasons and they should have transformed into lovely crumbly mulch for your future gardening tasks and landscape design.

3. Consult an Expert.

Landscaping in Perth offers a wealth of connections and inspiration that can offer landscaping services near you or me!

The autumn season is the perfect time to plot out your landscaping design for your yard and savvy gardeners know that. And if you are looking for landscaping ideas, it is easier to accomplish when the many conditions for ideal planting have been met. During the autumn season, you get the sweet spot of having cooler air temperatures, still-warm soil temperatures and some rainfall that increase soil moisture.

Old man racking leaves-min

When the soil’s perfectly warm and moist, new plantings can establish good root growth before slowing down in the winter season. You can enjoy making improvements to your garden by adding new plants as well and moving them about to add new life to your plant beds.

Landscaping in Perth is a thriving industry and we want to give you the best opportunity to make your outdoor spaces beautiful and lovely.  Contact Us!

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