Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Landscape Lights

December 14, 2022

What comes to mind when you think of landscape lighting? Probably just a few basic ideas, like light fixtures near the door or driveway. But landscape lights can do so much more for your outdoor space than just provide light when it’s dark outside. In fact, with the right garden lighting design, landscape lighting can ultimately elevate your outdoor space and make it look amazing! Keep reading for great landscape lighting ideas that will have you rethinking your outdoor space.

Why Add Lighting to Your Landscape Design?

There’s something about light that just has a way of making things feel more special. Whether it’s the light from the sun or a lightbulb, light can transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary. This is certainly true when it comes to adding light to landscapes. When done correctly, landscape lighting can elevate your outdoor space and make it more beautiful. 

Light fixtures can completely transform your outdoor space and make it more inviting, beautiful, and unique. For instance, it can highlight certain features of your garden or landscaping that you want to put in the spotlight, such as a fountain or outdoor sculpture. You can also use light fixtures to light up pathways for safety and create an inviting atmosphere. 

Landscape Lighting Basics

Light during the day differs greatly at night, particularly in outdoor spaces. However, when it comes to lighting indoors and outdoors, certain principles remain the same, which you can use when choosing outdoor garden light fixtures. To explain this further, lighting is generally divided into three layers based on their function, whether indoors or outdoors:

Overall Lighting:  This type of lighting serves as the base light in any space and provides illumination for an entire area.

Task Lighting: This type of lighting serves a specific purpose, such as lighting a path, and is usually brighter than ambient lighting.

Accent Lighting: This type of lighting highlights particular features or objects in a landscape, such as trees, rocks, and sculptures.

Types of Landscape Lights

string lights decorated on tree at night

When it comes to landscape lighting design, there are many different light fixtures you can choose from. You don’t have to use all of these light fixtures, but knowing about them helps you develop better lighting designs. Here are some popular light fixtures that you can use to light up your outdoor space:

Spotlights: These light fixtures can be used to highlight certain features in a landscape, such as trees or sculptures.

Step Lights: Step lights are great for lighting up steps and stairways. You can also use these to light up an outdoor patio or deck.

Garden Lights: Garden light fixtures are great for lighting up gardens and pathways with a soft, subtle light.

String Lights: String lights are a great way to light up your outdoor space and add a bit of whimsy. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours and can be used in various ways.

Bollard Lights:  Bollard lights are light fixtures installed in the ground. You can use these to light up pathways, steps, and other areas in a landscape.

Flood Lights:  Flood lights are powerful light fixtures that can light up large outdoor spaces. They are often used to light up driveways and outdoor decks.

Up/Downlights:  Up/downlights are light fixtures that light up upwards and downwards. You can use these to light up a facade, wall, or any other feature in a landscape.

Garden Lighting Design Techniques

Once you’ve decided which light fixtures you want to use for your landscape lighting design, it’s time to think about how you will light up your outdoor space. Here are some popular landscape lighting design techniques:

Shadow Play

This technique is a great way to light up your landscape and create a unique look. You can create different effects in a landscape by playing with light and shadows.


This technique involves installing light fixtures on structures in a way that illuminates and accents what lies beneath. You can use this technique to light up pathways or steps.


garden path lights embedded in the ground

This style is a classic lighting design technique that can light up features like trees or sculptures.


You can layer lighting in various ways to light up an outdoor space. By layering light fixtures, you can create different light effects and bring out certain features in a landscape.

Mirror Lighting

Mirror lighting is a technique that can light up a feature in a landscape, such as a fountain or pool.


This style is a light effect that you can use to light up trees and other features in a landscape. It creates a soft, subtle light effect that is perfect for outdoor spaces.

How to Avoid Outdoor Light Pollution

When it comes to landscape lighting design, light pollution is a significant issue. To avoid light pollution, carefully aim your lights so that light fixtures do not point directly into other people’s windows or yards. You should also ensure light fixtures are shielded so that light does not escape outward and upward into the night sky. Additionally, light fixtures shouldn’t be overly bright, so use low-wattage bulbs that provide sufficient illumination and improve aesthetics while increasing safety. 

Brighten up Your Outdoor Space with Landscape Lighting from Green Oasis

Now that you know more about landscape lights and how to use them, it’s time to start bringing your vision to life. Illuminate your garden with beautiful light fixtures, and enjoy the dreamy ambience that nighttime brings. At Green Oasis Landscaping, our masterful garden designers can make that happen for you. Work with industry experts and watch as we transform your landscape into a masterpiece. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what our landscapers in Western Australia can do for you.

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