Garden Design Ideas: When Function Meets Form

September 30, 2021

How do you come up with a remarkable garden design? Aside from coming up with your own garden design ideas, you can also find a good Australian garden design landscaping company to help. If you live in Perth, you can get in touch with Green Oasis Landscaping for help on your garden project.

How Do You Start Designing the Perfect Garden?

When it comes to landscape design for your garden, there isn’t one correct way to proceed. But there are some general tips you can follow to ensure that you end up with a visually appealing result. The best way to do this is to come up with specific garden design ideas and try to utilise these tips:

List Down Must-Haves

Because these elements are non-negotiable for you, your landscaper should work around these preferences and create a design that will work with them. You may also list down nice-to-haves and make allowances for them in the design plan.

Break Up Open Spaces

Breaking up your lawn into small sections will give it a more modern and contemporary feel. Use a flowing design accentuated by colourful flowerbeds surrounded by huge patches of grass.


Use Your Personality as Inspiration

Your garden is one of the ways you can express your personality. Incorporate elements and items that accurately represent you and use colour schemes that you like best and don’t mind seeing every day.

The best thing about designing your own garden is that there are no rules and if there were, you’re free to break them anytime. If you’re at a lost and you’re not interested in DIY, call Green Oasis Landscaping for the best landscaping design services in Perth.

How Do You Organise a Garden Space?

Coming up with the perfect garden design isn’t as easy as drawing a quick layout on paper. An Australian garden design takes several factors into consideration and doesn’t just look at measurements or a general theme. A landscape design is in a way like a regular floor plan, except the plan is completed outside where the conditions don’t always stay the same.

person sketching-min

So how do you organise or design a garden space? Check out the steps below:

1. Make an outline

You can’t organise a space without having a broad overview of the entire area. You need to create a base and bare outline then add the minor details later. Determine which areas will be left as is or if there are constructions that need to be prioritised that may affect the sequence of how you wish to add elements in the project.

2. Add fixed and existing features to the outline

This is important so you can always take note of things that you can’t change when drawing up your plan. Maybe you have waterways or pipelines that you can’t move to another place. Knowing this will prevent you from planning anything that will require excavation in the said area.

3. Create ground cover if necessary

Not all landscaping projects will have the same groundwork throughout the area. Normally, the landscape will come in combinations of soil, grass, asphalt, concrete, and other materials. Make sure they appear textured on the layout so you can always have the general picture in your head.

professional lays down travertine pavers

4. Mark new design elements as accurately as possible

If you’re going to add trees, flowerpots, stairs, furniture, pools, or fountains, make sure they are depicted in detail on the layout plan. This will allow you to visualise the space and understand the area’s limitations.

5. Get a professional to do the layout

If you have zero experience in creating a layout, you can just hire someone to do it for you. Some landscapers will even provide you with accurate scale drawings so you don’t have to worry once the project begins.

Modern Landscaping Design Services in Perth

Avoiding errors in the project is important, especially if you’re working on a large area. Minor adjustments can cost you money that you could’ve just used on something else. Here at Green Oasis Landscaping, we offer 3D landscaping design services so you can see a 3D model of your garden before you start the process. This allows you to correct errors long before landscaping begins. Interested in this service? Call us today for more details.

Australian Garden Design: Choosing the Best Plants

Choosing the plants for your garden is a totally different problem than coming up with an aesthetically pleasing garden design. Plants are living creatures that have varying needs which you always have to note to ensure their survival. Just like with drafting garden design ideas, you also need to carefully plan what flora you want for your outdoor space. We came up with a few tips to help you below:

Consider the size of your outdoor space

You can’t plant a huge tree if you don’t have enough room. You’ll just end up with a tight outdoor space and a plant that could get damaged or die because of poor living conditions. Always account for the adult and maximum size of the plant so you can create ample allowance. You can also just buy an adult plant so you don’t have to feel unsure about its maximum size.

Work on Your Soil

The acidity of your soil can make or break this project. If you plant something that requires a lot of water on dry soil, you can’t really expect it to thrive. There are pH kits on the market you can buy to check for the acidity of the ground. You can also get it tested to see nutrition levels and more.

Take Note of the Climate

Where is your garden located? Is it somewhere that gets a lot of sun? Does it rain in the area throughout the year? This can help you decide on the plant to get for your garden. There’s no point in buying pots of huge plants only to subject them to harsh conditions that are impossible for them to survive.

Get Help From Experts

If planting isn’t your strongest suit, you can just get professional advice from people who have been doing the same thing for years. There are several landscaping experts in Perth, one of which is Green Oasis Landscaping. We’ll be glad to check out your project plan and make recommendations. Contact us today for more information.

Why Choose Green Oasis Landscaping?

When it comes to your property’s landscape design, never ever settle for less. Green Oasis Landscaping offers advanced 3D landscaping design services to Perth residential and business owners for accurate visualisation of their dream project. Our landscaping experts in Perth are seasoned professionals that you can rely on for quality landscaping services. Call us for a quote on your landscape design today.

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