Composite vs. Wood Decking: Which One’s Better?

February 22, 2021
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As you plan to build the deck of your dreams, one of the major decisions you have to make is selecting the decking material to use. The two most popular types of deck material are wood and composite. Both wood and composite materials come in various degrees of quality, so the cost and specific features of each aren’t the only factors you need to consider.

Your deck is an investment that you will be enjoying for years to come. It’s crucial to understand and determine the best material for your project. Let’s take a look at the major pros and cons of the two most common decking materials.

Wood Decking Material

Many people, including trusted decking contractors, prefer wood for their decks due to its natural and warm aesthetics. It has a timeless appeal and charm that complements any design element.

The type of lumber you choose is crucial to the maintenance level and durability of your deck. Hardwood is often the preferred choice due to its strength and reliability. Its unique grains, colours and textures also improve the appearance of a deck. They also don’t need to be stained to achieve a natural and beautiful sheen. They can simply be resealed or sanded down.

Another common and cheaper wood decking material is treated lumber, otherwise known as pressure-treated (PT) wood. PT wood is made of fir soaked in anti-rot agents and insecticide. Its original colour is a blend of browns and greens, but it can be stained in the colours of your choice. However, PT wood is known to be susceptible to cracking, splitting and warping.

If you prefer a more natural-looking material, you can go for weather-resistant timber such as cedar or redwood. These types of decking material have a visually appealing look and can resist weather damage such as warping and cracking.

Composite Decking

When making deck material selections and comparisons, composite is on-par with timber. Composite decks are primarily made of wood fibres and recycled plastic. The materials are not all-natural so they will not have the charm or beauty of a real-wood deck. However, you can still choose from an extensive range of colours to mimic an organic or natural-looking appearance.

Composite decking is becoming more popular among Australian homeowners due to its low-maintenance properties. It does not need to be refinished, stained or sanded. It also typically comes with at least a 20-year warranty. Some composite decks even come with a lifetime guarantee.

The only downside is that the cost of composite deck as a material vs wood is more expensive. Depending on the quality and warranty, the cost of composite decks can run twice that of natural wood decks.

Which is the Better Choice?

Whether you’re building a new deck or reviving an old one, the choice is up to you. Both wood and composite decks have their own pros and cons, and each offers style, function and durability. Natural wood decks require annual refinishing but if you’re up for the upkeep and prefer the gorgeous aesthetics of natural wood, the maintenance is more than worth it.

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