Retaining Wall in Distress – Signs You Need Retaining Wall Repairs

August 31, 2022

Proper retaining wall repair and maintenance are necessary for adequate upkeep that ensures your walls last a long time. After all, holding back soil isn’t an easy job, and it’s a retaining wall’s responsibility to do this 24/7. With the constant pressure, the walls are bound to wear over time. So, do you think it’s time to repair yours? Prevent retaining wall collapse or damage and check for signs of distress to see if you need repairs.

Signs of Retaining Wall Failure

Take immediate action once you see signs of deterioration on your walls to keep the damage from worsening. By doing so, you can keep your property protected and prevent costlier repairs. Keep an eye out for possible damage by regularly checking for these signs:

Wall Spillage

Are sections of your wall starting to slip or topple? If so, your wall is at risk of collapsing, and you need to call landscaping contractors to evaluate the damage immediately. That’s because your retaining walls are already pushed beyond their limit, and they can no longer keep the soil from eroding. 

Fortunately, large-scale wall collapse does not occur often and is rarely caused by natural wear.

Water Leaks

Retaining walls should have proper drainage in place. However, if you see water trickling down wherever, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Poor drainage puts your walls at risk of bowing, cracking, or crumbling over time, and you shouldn’t let that happen. Remember, it costs more to replace a retaining wall than to repair it. 

So, keep your maintenance costs down by quickly mitigating any sign of damage you see.

disconnected bricks

Disconnected Bricks

Are the bricks in your retaining wall starting to separate or fall? It can happen if the brick components aren’t sealed correctly, or the foundation isn’t packed tightly enough. Small earthquakes and soil vibration from large-scale construction projects can also contribute to the damage. 

Regardless, fix the damage as soon as possible to preserve the life of your walls. But make sure to hire professionals for retaining wall repairs to ensure quality work that extends the life of your walls.

Why Some Retaining Walls Fail

The passing of time isn’t the only reason why retaining walls fail. There are also various factors that can cause damage. Among them are poor installation or design, drainage issues and improper or substandard materials used in construction. At times, surrounding stress factors that the retaining wall was not designed for can also cause them to deteriorate and fail. 

So, if you are thinking about installing retaining walls around your landscape, make sure that the job is done by qualified professionals with ample experience.

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As a landscape company that aims to elevate homes and businesses, we want to help protect your property in style by building retaining walls that enhance, protect and add value to your property. Green Oasis Landscaping offers extensive services for landscaping in Perth that goes beyond fixing retaining walls. We also provide retaining wall construction, landscape design, paving and decking. 

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