Five Layout and Garden Ideas for Your Small Garden

April 23, 2021

For many homeowners, a landscaped garden is a good investment. That touch of nature amidst all the concrete is not only visually appealing but it offers the perfect place to relax and unwind. Strolling around or sitting out in your garden relieves you of worries and makes you feel serene.

Maintaining a garden also lets you utilise your artistry. Deciding what to plant and how to arrange them require creativity and innovation. After months of planning and gardening, a sense of satisfaction blooms within you from witnessing bare ground transform into lush greenery and beautiful flowers.

Woman transplants plants into white pots for her garden

Just because you don’t have a large garden or backyard doesn’t mean you can’t turn all your gardening dreams into a reality. If you need small garden tips that will let you reap the same benefits of a sprawling outdoor area, here are some ideas to get you started.

Select plants well-suited to your area

When you are gardening in small areas, a good portion of your gardening success comes from what you choose to plant.

Native plants are easier to take care of because they’re adapted to your region and are more likely to withstand attacks by pests and diseases. They generally grow well even with benign neglect. Ask your local garden centre or landscape designers for recommendations on native flowers and shrubs that thrive well in your area.

Vertical garden with planting crates on a brick wall

Build a vertical garden

When most of us think about gardens, we think about the horizontal space and what plants we’ll put next to each other. However, space is often at a premium for gardeners with small spaces.

One of the best ideas for small space gardens is to build a vertical planting area. Consider constructing a vertical garden tower or even repurposing items like a canvas shoe rack. Rather than building your garden to the side, build your garden up!

Scale matters

When selecting shrubs and trees for a petite landscape, opt for compact varieties that will be in scale with their surroundings. About the Garden has a comprehensive list of trees that will grow wonderfully in small gardens in Australia.

The same rule applies to your outdoor furniture. Skip oversize tables and chairs that make an area feel congested or cramped. Stick to narrow profiles so you can open up more planting and living space.

Simplicity is key

In a small garden, it’s best to avoid making the landscape look too busy. Potted geraniums may not win you any garden awards for originality but when they’re positioned along a stone wall with already wonderful texture, the simple spots of colour and greenery will already add energy to your garden.

You can also introduce new forms and textures with aged terra-cotta pots, succulents and a sprinkling of evergreens to break up the monotony.

Small but elegant garden with a dynamic layout

Add dynamic components

Dynamic features that create sound and movement are some of the best and most attractive small garden tips. They can be used to break up a space, trick the eye or lead the focus away from unsightly views or objects that can’t be changed. For instance, sunken terraces that create zones and levels within a space, trailing plants, raised beds and ledges, water fixtures or an open framed tree.

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