Reticulation Systems and Restrictions across Australia

December 17, 2020

Nothing beats proper reticulation in keeping the lawn cool and your plants healthy during long summer days. You don’t even have to lift a finger. Just let the system take care of the task and your lawn will stay fresh.

Let our reticulation experts take care of your outdoor space. We’re well-versed with the reticulation restrictions in Perth. Our landscape company keeps these in mind while maintaining a green and healthy lawn for you.

How Does a Proper Reticulation System Help You?


A proper water reticulation system lets you save time on watering the lawn. It removes the need for traditional water hoses and sprinkler systems, and simplifies lawn irrigation for you. And because water reticulation systems are designed for optimal coverage, you can be sure that your entire lawn is watered evenly.

Reticulation Systems Restrictions

Keep in mind, however, that Australia has seen water reserves decline because of limited rainfall and the dry weather. This results in the implementation of varying reticulation restrictions and other water restrictions.

In Perth, for example, there’s a water sprinkler ban from June to August each year. There are also reticulation restrictions from September to May each year. Watering is only allowed outside of the 9am-to-6pm timeframe — and only on your rostered watering days. These are meant to address the declining water reserves.

Why Does Australia Have Restrictions for Reticulations?


Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent. Drought isn’t anything new; neither are the chronic water shortages in locations that are hit harder by these dry periods. These shortages result in water restrictions throughout the country. The restrictions are commonly imposed on lawn care and reticulation.

There are also water restrictions regarding swimming pools, car washing, and building and window cleaning. But these restriction stages vary depending on the state and the water shortage level in your location.

Each state and territory has its own set of reticulation restrictions to regulate water consumption, preserve water in dams and water reserves, and make sure that the water shortage doesn’t reach critical levels.

What are the Reticulation Restrictions across Australia?

You might be wondering, ‘When can I use my reticulation?’ It really depends on which city you live in and which stage of temporary water restriction is currently imposed in your area. We’ve prepared an overview of the different water restriction levels that could affect your lawn reticulation and watering days.


Watering lawns and using sprinklers are allowed before 10am and after 5pm every day. However, there are reticulation restrictions imposed from September to May every year to reduce water usage in commercial and residential lawns; watering is only allowed before 9am and after 6pm.


Residents and businesses currently have to comply with Level 1 water restrictions. This means no standard sprinklers are allowed, but drip irrigation is allowed. This also means watering gardens and lawns using a hose with a trigger nozzle is allowed only before 10am and after 4pm every day.


Adelaide and surrounding cities that use water from the Murray River have been observing Level 3 water restrictions since the mid-2000s. This is part of the region’s permanent water conservation efforts which remain challenging because of droughts and the occasional lack of rainfall.


In 2010, Canberra implemented the Permanent Water Saving Rules to make sure there’s enough water supply regardless of the season. There are reticulation restrictions from September to May every year. Watering commercial and residential lawns is only allowed before 9am and after 6pm.


Melbourne is no longer in any stage of water restrictions. But the city implemented permanent water restrictions to make sure that residential and commercial properties are regulating their water usage. Reticulation use is only available between 6pm and 10am every day.


Darwin is the only capital city in the entire Australia that has never had water restrictions. In fact, residents of the Northern Territory use at least twice as much water as the rest of the country. But this doesn’t mean that the city isn’t monitoring weather patterns and the area’s water demand.


Brisbane currently doesn’t have restrictions on sprinkler usage and watering times. Nevertheless, residents and businesses are encouraged to use water efficiently. This contributes to lower water bills as well as the security of the city’s water supply regardless of future weather patterns.


Hobart currently has no water restrictions. But residents and businesses are encouraged to minimise non-essential water usage like watering and sprinklers on Total Fire Ban days. This way, the Tasmania Fire Service can be ready for fire fighting and prevention efforts.

Green Oasis Landscaping is a trusted landscape company that maintains a healthy outdoor space for homes and businesses in Perth. We stay updated with Perth sprinkler bans and other reticulation restrictions, and adjust our work accordingly. But one thing you can be sure of is we never compromise the quality of our work.

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