What Does a Landscaper Do?

December 3, 2020

A landscaper is a professional who makes outdoor spaces more aesthetically pleasing. Their job involves moving earth and water to create beautiful and functional landscapes for both private and public properties.

The extent of the transformation depends on what their client wants. Some want a lot of garden beds for vegetables and flowers, while others prefer fountains and artificial waterfalls. Some want sprawling orchards with hedges and pathways, while others want a flat, green lawn. These are all things that landscapers can do. In some cases, landscapers work on indoor spaces, too, if the indoor space has many plants.

Landscape Contractor Doing His Work

At Green Oasis Landscaping, there’s not one specific expertise that defines what a landscaper is. We’re all-around landscaping contractors who design lawns, make garden beds, install reticulation, build decks, lay pavers, build retaining walls and more.

Balancing Hardscapes and Softscapes

The work of a landscaper is divided into two main components: hardscapes and softscapes.


Hardscapes refer to the non-living elements of a landscape. These are solid and often remain unchanged for many years. These include the pavers, walkways, patios, retaining walls, decks and driveways. They also include waterscapes, like fountains, artificial ponds and mini waterfalls.

Landscape contractors are trained to build these hardscapes on your property. Green Oasis, for instance, creates paving, decks and retaining walls to add function to your outdoor space.


Softscapes refer to the living elements of a landscape. These include the grass, trees, flowers, shrubs, hedges, vegetables and more. They include the garden beds, soil and reticulation on which these plants are anchored and even artificial turf. Unlike hardscapes, softscapes aren’t permanent; they are easily modified and moved.

Landscape contractors are also trained in horticulture. They can create garden beds, place plants all over the lawn and maintain them throughout the year.

A Balanced Landscape Design

Even if non-professionals have the best intentions for your landscape, they might not execute their vision as well as professional landscapers do. There is a considerable room for error in design balance.  

An over-abundance of hardscapes — where there’s too much paving and barely any greenery — makes the area look harsh and uninviting. In contrast, an excess of softscapes — where the plants overpower the walkways and driveways — makes the property look unkempt.

When looking at imbalanced landscapes, viewers won’t be able to point out the problem, but they have a nagging feeling that something about the lawn is off.

So what do landscape contractors do? They strike a balance between hardscapes and softscapes. Professionally designed outdoor spaces are lovely to look at, with the perfect proportion of hard, unmoving rocks and soft, horticultural elements.

Making the Most of Your Space

Every space has limitations. Here’s what landscapers do to overcome them.

  • Small Outdoor Space – Landscapers have a few tricks up their sleeve to optimise a small lawn. They lay the pavers and build the deck in a particular direction. They plant vegetation with varying heights or create tiers to make the most of the vertical space.
  • Sloped Lawns – Lawns with steep slopes can be stabilised with retaining walls and strategically placed hardscapes. With the right elements, landscapers make the slopes look elegant.
  • Harsh Weather – Landscapers know the best plants to grow in your specific climate, as well as the materials that can weather the natural elements in your region.

Creating Functional Landscapes

Apart from aesthetics, landscaping contractors install fixtures that make your lawn more functional. These include:

  • Irrigation – To keep the plants healthy, landscapers install reticulation systems. These provide the right amount of water according to the season and type of plants.
  • Electrical Fixtures – Landscape contractors extend your living space into the outdoors, so they also install outdoor electrical fixtures, like sockets and lighting systems. Green Oasis’ qualified electricians follow stringent Australian safety standards when working on your electrical fixtures.

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