Try Out These Simple Garden Trends this 2021

August 3, 2021

It’s not a surprise to see lovely gardens in Australia. After all, the great weather and the adventurous disposition of Australians make them love the outdoors. Now that we’re still stuck at home, a lot of people turn to keeping their gardens pretty. If you’re asking what is hot in landscaping and gardening nowadays, check out these new landscaping trends from garden and landscaping experts:

What’s Hot and Trending in Landscaping?

Gardens for Small Spaces

Not everyone has an extensive space for their garden. That shouldn’t stop you from having a small haven for you and your plants! Since a lot of people live in apartments and other small spaces nowadays, one of the newest trends for gardening and landscaping is adapting your garden needs for your small space. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate a garden in a limited space:

an indoor garden by a window

Windowsill Gardens

For people living in apartments, sometimes a windowsill will be the only space you have for your plants. Pick plants that are both easy to care for and can thrive in a small space. Some good options are small herbs, succulents, or flowering annuals. Use small and cute pots for the added cottage-core aesthetic.

a balcony turned into a flower garden

Balcony and Rooftop Gardens

If you don’t have enough space for a garden, but you do have a balcony or a rooftop, consider setting up a garden there. Select plants that can tolerate the sun and wind, since they’ll be constantly exposed to both. Choose pots that are relatively easy to move as well, so that you can relocate your plants easily enough within the balcony. Set up a cosy place to relax, and your rooftop or balcony will be the most relaxing spot in your home.

small potted plants

Smaller plants and pots

If you don’t have a windowsill or a balcony, don’t worry! There are a lot of plants you can choose that thrive indoors. Pick a plant that is small enough for your space. Take note of how much sunlight goes in your home so you can pick the right plant. Also, take note that some plants are considered poisonous to pets so be wary of these plants when you go plant shopping.

Inside Outside Gardens

The inside outside concept is one of the modern landscaping ideas that bring the comforts of your indoor space to the outside. This trend was already making waves last year, with a lot of homeowners opting to use their outdoor areas as an entertainment area. When designing an inside outside garden, it’s important to consider the harmony between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Use décor and plants that would make the difference between the two spaces less jarring, such as plants that work well in both indoors and outdoors.

indoor garden in a studio apartment

Colour Palettes

One of the more modern landscape ideas that is subtle and easy is playing with colour palettes. Use colours to highlight the ambiance of your place or create a feature wall that highlights your plants. The colours give a nice contrast to your plants and lets you have a piece of art in your outdoor area as well.

Aside from the walls, you can definitely play around with colour palettes for your garden. For example, you could coordinate the fence colours, container colours such as pot, and the other design aspects of the garden.

Cosy Relaxation Areas

One of the best backyard landscape design ideas is creating a space that lets you relax outside. Whether it be a poolside area, a little cove, or a secluded spot away from your house, a cosy relaxation area allows homeowners to find a peaceful spot in their gardens. You can design your place similar to how hotels design their pool areas. Here are some ways you can set up a relaxing atmosphere for your outdoor spaces:

Specialty Lighting

One of the new landscaping trends running around is using specialty lighting to create a visual display on the walls or in the area itself. The right lighting also creates the right, relaxing ambiance.

a balcony garden with patio furniture

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture helps you elevate your garden’s designs. Having custom-built furniture in your garden maximizes the space and ensures that you get furniture that fits your needs. Having custom furniture allows you to highlight your landscaping designs while elevating your garden’s aesthetic.

Outdoor Heating

Outdoor heating adds more comfort to your garden, especially if you want to entertain guests all throughout the year. The most common option for outdoor heating are fire pits, but if you’re looking for more practical options, you can look at radiant heaters and gas patio heaters.

Speaker System

Put up some speakers in a safe space within your garden and chill with your favourite playlist as you relax. A good speaker system creates the right ambiance, whether you play your favourite songs or some ambient music. Just make sure you position the speakers in a place that’s safe from rain and heavy winds.

Modern Landscape Ideas

Modern landscape ideas need not be too flashy or ornate. Sometimes, the simplest changes bring out the best in your garden. If you want to try out some of the new landscape designs mentioned above, contact your trusted landscaping services in Perth and start designing your garden!

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