Paul’s Garden – Success Story Despite a Logistical Nightmare

Why Paul Chose Green Oasis Landscaping

Flexibility: Paul’s project started with an existing design, but as it evolved, our creative input significantly enhanced the aesthetics, leading to a highly appreciative client.

Comprehensive Solution: Included everything from a full reticulation system to significant limestone constructions, a basketball court fence, and ongoing maintenance, demonstrating our capability to handle diverse and complex projects.

Collaborative Dynamics: Worked in tandem with ongoing external renovations, requiring meticulous micromanagement to synchronise with the builders, ensuring smooth progress despite logistical challenges and delays.

Tailored Enhancements: Customised features like Corten edging and limestone fire pit with a freestanding pergola tailored to elevate the outdoor living space uniquely.

Revamping Paul's Outdoor Living Space

Paul’s extensive landscaping project was designed to complement his home’s ongoing internal and external renovations. The client sought a comprehensive outdoor overhaul that included various features, from timber decking and a basketball court mesh fence to sophisticated garden beds and a custom sauna installation. Adapting to changes throughout the project, our team embraced Paul’s evolving vision, improving the functionality and aesthetic appeal of his outdoor space.

Challenges and Solutions in Paul's Landscaping Project

Coordination with Ongoing Renovations: Frequent pauses were necessary to sync with the builder’s timeline since they were trailing behind, requiring intricate micromanagement.

Design Adaptations: Client preferences evolved, leading to significant changes from the initial design, which were seamlessly integrated.

Material Management: Coordinating the delivery and use of materials like limestone and Jarrah timber amidst other construction activities.

Custom Element Integration: Implementing unique features like a sauna and basketball court mesh fencing while ensuring structural and aesthetic consistency.

Scope of Work

Paul's Comprehensive Landscape Overhaul




Timber Decking and Ramp


Paving and Limestone Features


Garden and Special Features

Paul's Project: Seamless Collaboration for Guaranteed Satisfaction

When the project started, our team had regular meetings with Paul, so our goals were always aligned. Paul had evolving preferences that we knew we could seamlessly integrate into the project. Although he originally had preset designs in mind, we pitched in some creative input that we thought would benefit him more. He appreciated these proactive suggestions and adaptations because they visibly improved functionality and aesthetics beyond his initial plans. The project’s success was affirmed by Paul’s satisfaction with the final landscape, which exceeded his expectations and transformed his property.

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