Caitlin’s Flora-Centric Landscaping Success

Why Caitlin Chose Green Oasis Landscaping

Custom Plant Solutions: Despite the initial unavailability of specific plants in Western Australia, our expert recommendations for alternatives left Caitlin very satisfied with her garden’s flora.

Innovative Access Solutions: Managed challenging narrow access by creatively using wheelbarrows instead of machinery, showcasing our ability to adapt to site constraints.

Complete Landscape Overhaul: Included comprehensive services from paving and limestone work to a full reticulation system, exemplifying our all-in-one service capability.

Attention to Detail: Every aspect of the project, from soil addition to precise paving work, was meticulously handled to ensure a perfect finish.

Creating Caitlin's Custom Garden

Caitlin’s project focused on transforming her garden into a lush, inviting outdoor area, despite the challenges posed by limited access and specific plant availability. Our team worked closely with Caitlin to select suitable plant alternatives and implement effective solutions for material transportation and installation, ensuring her garden was beautiful and functional.

Challenges and Solutions in Caitlin's Garden Design

Limited Access: Narrow access impeded machinery use, necessitating manual methods like wheelbarrows for earth moving.

Plant Availability: Specific plants requested were not available; alternatives were successfully sourced and approved by the client.

Space Optimisation: Creating an impactful design within a limited area, maximising functional and visual appeal.

Fence Integration: Installing galvanised mesh on Colorbond fencing to support climbing plants, improving privacy and encouraging greenery.

Caitlin's Garden and Paving Makeover


Garden Layout


Paving Works


Reticulation System


Additional Features

Caitlin's Project: Highly Personalised Approach

Caitlin had specific requirements and style preferences in the beginning. One of her biggest concerns was plant selection, as she wanted some highly specific flora for her garden. We presented her with alternative plant options better suited for Western Australia’s climate. Needless to say, she was delighted with the substitutes and even thought some of our suggestions were better than her original choices. The narrow access to her property also posed some challenges to our team but we managed to overcome them with solutions tailored to the site’s space constraints. Caitlin was impressed with how we accomplished the feat and expressed high satisfaction with the completed landscape, particularly praising the customised approach and the aesthetics of the final design.

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