Dave’s Reticulation Upgrade and Lawn Installation

Why David Chose Green Oasis Landscaping:

Specialised Turf Installation: We recommended Palmetto Buffalo for its superior performance in shady areas, reflecting our attention to detail and commitment to optimal results.

Logistical Ingenuity: Overcame restricted access through a narrow pathway with strategic planning and manual labour, illustrating our problem-solving prowess.

Soil and Site Preparation Expertise: Managed extensive excavation and soil preparation to achieve the desired landscape level, demonstrating our technical expertise.

Seamless System Integration: Expertly connected the new reticulation system to an existing setup, ensuring efficient water management across the newly laid turf.

Optimising David's Shaded Garden

David needed a landscaping solution that addressed the challenges of a shady garden area with difficult access. The project involved the removal of existing earthworks, the installation of a new lawn suitable for shaded conditions, and the integration of an upgraded irrigation system. Our team’s expertise ensured that the selected Palmetto Buffalo grass and the overall design perfectly suited the unique environmental and spatial constraints of David’s property.

Soil added as preparation for lawn installation

Challenges and Solutions in David's Garden Installation

Access Constraints: No direct access to the rear garden required transporting materials via a long, narrow pathway using only wheelbarrows.

Shade-Optimised Lawn: The shaded garden needed a specific grass type, leading to the selection of Palmetto Buffalo for optimal growth in low-light conditions.

Soil Excavation and Disposal: Managing extensive soil excavation and disposal manually due to access limitations, ensuring proper site preparation.

Irrigation Integration: Connecting new irrigation components to an existing system while maintaining system integrity and functionality.

David's Outdoor Refinement


Site Preparation and Soil Management:


Turf and Reticulation:

Newly installed green lawn beside the pool area

David's Project: Collaboration for Custom Solutions

David was a very proactive client involved in each process step, from the initial design to selecting specific materials and plants. He was initially worried about his property’s access limitations, but we reassured him that we would get things done. Our team devised effective methods for soil replacement and turf installation, ensuring the project adhered to David’s expectations. Once this phase was concluded, we turned to David for his feedback in adjusting the project scope, especially in choosing the shade-tolerant Palmetto Buffalo for its suitability in shady conditions. Eventually, the project was wrapped up with David fully satisfied with the outcome, valuing the tailored approach and the landscape’s enhancement of his outdoor space.

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