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Green Oasis Landscaping builds beautiful decks for a roomier, more elegant living space in Perth.
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If you’re looking to add a deck in your outdoor space, don’t look further than Green Oasis Landscaping. Our seasoned decking contractors use the finest quality timber in Perth and composite materials, craft an elegant design and follow it down to the last inch. You will enjoy a deck engineered specifically to match your house and landscape.

We make decking services convenient for our clients. You don’t have to worry about sourcing the right materials — we procure and inspect them for you. We schedule the construction at your convenience and work efficiently to meet deadlines. Our builders are professional but very friendly; if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to approach us.

Not sure what kind of deck you should get?

Green Oasis Landscaping builds two kinds of deck: wood and composite. Our team will be happy to help you decide.

Timber Decking

Timber Decking remains the more popular choice among home and business owners, as it has a natural, sophisticated look that no composite material can match. It carries a lower price tag compared to composite decks and offers more colour options, as you can stain it with a wide range of colours. The downside, however, is it requires more maintenance, and it is vulnerable to pests.

Composite Decking

Composite Decking enjoys increasing popularity, thanks to its higher durability. Because it is made of a hybrid material, it is more resistant to weathering compared to wooden decks. It is not vulnerable to pests and requires virtually no maintenance. The catch is that it has a higher upfront cost, and it can’t mimic the look of natural wood.

Our Decking Solutions

Our decking services in Perth include design, installation and maintenance.

Decking Design

After studying your property, we design a deck that fits the building and the slope of the land. We include your desired elements, like steps and railings, to personalise the deck.


Decking Installation

We build the timbre or composite deck within the agreed-upon deadline. Our contractors work fast and efficiently, careful not to disrupt your daily routine or the operations at your business.


Decking Maintenance

Our decking maintenance covers cleaning and repair by qualified carpenters, so it lasts for many years. If you think you require a more extensive programme, discuss deck maintenance options with Perth contractors.

Decking Decisions to Make

Before you start building a deck, you’ll have to make several decisions about the design and build.
Our professionals will walk you through the process of our decking services in Perth, from start to finish.

Why Choose Us?

Our decking contractors in Perth have built stunning decks across the city, and our clients often recommend us because of our fast, efficient services. With Green Oasis Landscaping, you:

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