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A good landscape is one that’s brimming with life. Green Oasis Landscaping builds garden beds, giving you more space to sow and grow.

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Our experts will build the garden beds you envision for your landscape. Our garden bed designs can be built on almost all kinds of lawns in Perth. If you’re not sure which design best suits your outdoor space, our team will be happy to assist you.

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Garden Beds that Bring Your Garden to Life

At Green Oasis, we don’t just build garden beds without proper planning and a clear vision in mind. We don’t just focus on the aesthetics of the vegetable garden; we make sure we prioritise the garden’s ability to grow foliage and provide it with all the necessary support to thrive.

But before you go out and start researching the plants you want; you need to know the types of garden beds first. That should give you a better idea of what will work best with your property. Today we are going to look at the difference between in-ground and raised garden beds:

In-Ground Garden

This type of garden offers several advantages that any property owner will enjoy. For one, gardening on the ground means there’s no need to lift equipment, which means lower initial costs for you. This option offers other benefits, including:

Existing soil use: There’s no need to buy new soil with an in-ground garden. If your existing soil is regularly mulched, watered and tilled, it should be ready for use in your new garden. There’s no need to move it and disrupt its natural balance when transferring to a raised garden bed.

Farmer planting young seedlings of lettuce salad in the vegetable garden

Economical: Since there’s no need to import the soil for your garden (and improve or condition the soil you will import) you’ll be able to save money by skipping the buying part. Of course, if you’re unsure about the quality of your soil, you can have it checked to see if it’s going to be safe for your garden. If it’s not, then you can just condition it on your own or hire a professional to do it. Depending on the size of your property, it’s still cheaper to do than hauling new soil to your future garden site.

Less work: An in-ground garden site that’s already flat with good drainage means less work for you or the landscaper if you’re hiring one. Either way, you can be sure that this gardening project will be finished quickly.

Less permanent: If you suddenly change your mind, you can just replace your crops or plants with the plants you want easily. Moving them to another location is easier because there’s no need for additional equipment for lifting, unlike with a raised garden bed.

Easier water management: In-ground beds don’t dry out at the same rate as raised beds because water settles down flat in and under the soil. This means you’ll need less water to keep your garden healthy, which also translates to a lower water bill for you. Irrigation systems are also easier to design for flat gardens.

Senior adult couple picking vegetable from backyard garden

Raised Garden Bed

As the name implies, this type of garden bed is raised above the ground using bricks or blocks, making them more accessible to people who have conditions making it difficult to stoop or bend. Its advantages include:

Space: Raised beds allow property owners to maximise their space because areas under the raised beds can be used for storage or for other plants.

Protection: Because raised garden beds have clear indicators of the edges and are usually enclosed, the plants in them are less likely to be stepped on and damaged. Soil compaction is also easily prevented because the soil avoids all sorts of foot traffic.

Less maintenance: Since compaction isn’t a thing in raised gardens, there is no need for seasonal tilling or mulching. There’s also no need to be paranoid about overwatering because a raised garden is designed to drain better than an in-ground one.

Gardener health: Properly raised garden beds give all gardeners easy access to the area whether they use wheelchairs or have challenges bending over (especially true for older gardeners). This means fewer downtimes and healthier bodies for the people caring for your garden. You included!

Make sure you weigh in on these unique advantages before deciding on which gardening project to undertake. Focus on your needs, resources and availability before you make a pick. If you need help with your options, we at Green Oasis can help. Send us a message through our website today!


We create well-proportioned beds that match your specifications and fit into the overall landscape design. Our experts always consider the visual balance of the entire space.


We make sure that the soil in the garden bed supports the nutrition and anchorage of the plants


Our garden beds have straight, clean borders in perfect alignment.

Why Work with Green Oasis Landscaping?

Our experts have created garden beds for homes and businesses across Perth, and we’re proud to say that these little sections of land are now home to flourishing flowers and plants cascading with long, vibrant leaves. We understand that landscaping demands the healthiest plants, so we create high-quality garden beds that let you fill your garden with lush greenery.

Moreover, you get efficient work at the best prices. We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing workmanship. On top of that, you’re supporting a family business that serves the communities in the entire metropolitan Perth.

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