Create More Garden Beds
in Your Landscape

A good landscape is one that’s brimming with life. Green Oasis Landscaping builds garden beds, giving you more space to sow and grow.

Choose a Garden Bed for Your Landscape

Our experts will build the garden beds you envision for your landscape. Our garden bed designs can be built on almost all kinds of lawns in Perth. If you’re not sure which design best suits your outdoor space, our team will be happy to assist you.

Select your choice of garden beds:

Garden Beds that Bring Your Garden to Life

When building garden beds, we prioritise their ability to support and grow foliage for your landscape. Our garden beds, beyond their aesthetic appeal, are designed to help you nurture plants and flowers.


We create well-proportioned beds that match your specifications and fit into the overall landscape design. Our experts always consider the visual balance of the entire space.


We make sure that the soil in the garden bed supports the nutrition and anchorage of the plants


Our garden beds have straight, clean borders in perfect alignment.

Why Work with Green Oasis Landscaping?

Our experts have created garden beds for homes and businesses across Perth, and we’re proud to say that these little sections of land are now home to flourishing flowers and plants cascading with long, vibrant leaves. We understand that landscaping demands the healthiest plants, so we create high-quality garden beds that let you fill your garden with lush greenery.

Moreover, you get efficient work at the best prices. We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing workmanship. On top of that, you’re supporting a family business that serves the communities in the entire metropolitan Perth.

Get Started on Your Garden Beds

Get in touch with our team to start planning your garden beds. We’ll brief you on the process, your options and an estimated timeline.

Request a free, no-obligation quote today.
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