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a Balanced
Outdoor Area

Your Outdoor Space Reimagined

Professional landscape design puts emphasis on balance — a factor that makes or breaks the entire landscape. In planning the outdoor spaces, our landscape designers in Perth, WA, will ensure a healthy proportion of hardscape to softscape, foliage to stones, and flowers to leaves.

Professional Landscape Design in Perth, WA

Professional design makes a landscape look well put-together and give you a final look that has the highest visual appeal. For the best landscaping design services in Perth, Green Oasis Landscaping is here for you. We can improve your outdoor space and make it an extension of your home.

Seasoned Professionals for All Project Sizes

We accommodate projects whether big or small, and regardless of the size, we send our best men for the job. Our professional landscapers will make your vision come to life without compromising the functionality of your space.

We Don’t Dictate, We Collaborate

At Green Oasis Landscaping, we take your preferences to heart. We understand that your landscaping isn’t just an aesthetic for you, but a reflection of your vision and your style. We will make recommendations that deviate from your expectations but only when necessary. Our goal is to work with you to achieve your dream style.

Green Oasis Landscaping Design Services

Landscaping planning is the first step you can take if you want to start a landscaping project in your home. Depending on the landscape designs, it should increase the value and curb appeal of your home and make it more attractive to buyers if you ever plan on putting it on the market in the future. Landscaping, if done correctly, can also reduce your heating and cooling costs and create a relaxing environment where you and your family can destress. These are just some of the benefits of having your property landscaped, so consider having your home assessed now!

Site Consultations

Before we make a design plan, we survey your outdoor space —the dimensions, orientation and slopes. We study how we can bring the best out of the area.

Horticultural Advice

As part of the plan, we recommend the plants that should be placed in each section of the area. This includes the thriller (focal plants), spiller (for cascading effect) and filler (fill-in) plants.


We suggest materials for the landscape, especially for the hardscapes (paver, retaining walls, etc.), that matches the property.

Design Ideas

We also provide design ideas that would look great in your specific lot.

3D Landscaping Design Service

Our 3D landscaping design service is a wonderful solution for anyone who wants to explore various options before committing to a project. We have landscaping architects in Perth, who can render a realistic digital model so you can visualise a project and make changes that won’t cost a dime. You can also come to us if you need landscaping contractors in Perth.

Elevating Homes in Perth

Make your curb appeal stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood. With a professional landscape garden design, you’ll be able to bring out the best in your home. We will customise your garden landscaping according to your lifestyle. If you entertain guests, we will plan outdoor living areas. If you are passionate about gardening, we will plan for gardening beds as well as reliable reticulation systems.

Professional landscaping design is fun and convenient with Green Oasis Landscaping. Talk to our garden designers for more information.

Enhancing Businesses in the City

Professional landscape design makes sure your lawns reflect your brand image. A tidy-looking landscape fosters trust among prospective customers and investors. A landscape filled with lush greenery is a delight to employees who walk past it every day. We will add driveways and pathways for the benefit of everyone who enters your building.

Whoever your company caters to, we will make sure that the landscape is to their taste, as well.

Why Work with Green Oasis Landscaping?

No two landscaping contractors in Perth are ever the same. But, some are simply better than others. When working with our landscaping architects in Perth, you’ll get a sense of pride knowing that your landscape will be the best in the block.

What Makes Green Oasis Landscaping the Best?

Discover the Potential of Your Garden

Talk to our architects to find out how beautiful your landscape can be. From flowers to pathways to retaining walls, our contractors will design an outdoor space you will cherish for many years.
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