Install Electrical Systems in Your Outdoor Space

Make your outdoor space more functional with electrical installations. From sockets to lighting fixtures,
Green Oasis does it all. Talk to a licensed electrician today!

Making Outdoor Spaces More Livable

Your patio and landscape make a wonderful place to relax and entertain guests, but those would be difficult without outdoor electrical systems to power the lights, sockets and irrigation.

Green Oasis Landscaping’s qualified electricians will install outdoor electrical systems to make your landscape more functional and livable. These systems will power reticulation systems to keep plants healthy while lighting systems keep the area safe and secure. Sockets will be available for charging and plugging devices needed to keep guests entertained.

Our electrical work follows the most stringent Australian safety standards. Let’s discuss your electrical needs.

Level Up Convenience With Outdoor Lights Installation

Green Oasis Landscaping takes outdoor spaces to the next level with expert electrical installation services. By integrating secure outdoor lighting solutions, we not only boost your home’s curb appeal but also upgrade its functionality and security. Our selection of energy-efficient LED fixtures and strategic placement techniques ensure your outdoor areas are beautifully illuminated, creating a warm ambience while providing safe pathways. With our professional landscape lighting, you and your guests can enjoy the aesthetic and practical perks of a garden that invites you to linger outdoors after the sun sets. Ready for a transformation? Contact us to brighten up your nights.

Illuminate Your Gardens

Lighting systems make or break your landscape design. In fact, some lawns are more spectacular when illuminated by night lights compared to daylight. Green Oasis Landscaping provides lighting installation and repair to make sure your landscape is well-lit, day and night.

Outdoor light installations and light fixtures don’t just beautify your landscape. They also make yard maintenance easier and provide you with a welcoming space that makes receiving and entertaining guests more convenient and an overall wonderful experience for all. Improve your garden today! Get in touch with Green Oasis Landscaping now.


From path lights to spotlights to floodlights, we install lighting fixtures for your landscape’s specific needs. We discuss the right wattage and angle for each section you want to illuminate to make sure that the area gets the right amount of brightness. We install quickly and efficiently and deliver polished work. We schedule the installation at a convenient time, especially for commercial properties.


Our repair services are fast and efficient to eliminate downtime and make sure that the area is safe. We fix various kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures in Perth.

Why Choose Green Oasis Landscaping?

When Green Oasis electricians install or repair your outdoor electrical systems, you are sure that your lawns will be well-lit and powered, and deliver many years of service life. Also, you:

Why Choosing Expert Outdoor Lighting Installers Is a Must

Picking expert outdoor lighting installers is key to transforming your landscape. Green Oasis Landscaping stands out by perfectly blending aesthetic appeal with energy-efficient solutions. Our professional lighting installers understand the intricacies of landscape aesthetics, crafting lighting designs that enhance your outdoor space’s beauty and functionality. We prioritise safety, ensuring well-lit areas for secure navigation. We tailor lighting solutions, focusing on durability and low maintenance while boosting property value. Invest in professional outdoor lighting design services for a jaw-dropping transformation. Talk to Green Oasis Landscaping’s outdoor electricians for a consultation and see the difference expertise makes.

Power Your Outdoor Spaces Today

Contact Green Oasis Landscaping so we can start planning your outdoor electrical systems. We’ll walk you through the entire process, as well as your options. We’ll also discuss possible timelines depending on the scale of the project.

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