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Our paving installations in Perth create beautiful walkways, driveways and outdoor living areas for your family or business. Let’s discuss what kind of pavers you want for your property.

Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Pavers transform your landscape from a run-of-the-mill lawn to an inviting living area that’s safe to explore. Instead of treading on dry earth or dull asphalt, your family, customers or guests will enjoy walking on lovely pavers laid perfectly by master contractors. Their colours and texture create a contrast with the soft foliage of the landscape designer, making for a multi-dimensional and visually interesting space.

Whether you want to lay pavers on fresh earth or you want to repair your old, worn-out pavers, our paving contractors in Perth, WA, will create a gorgeous outdoor space for you.

Paver Options

Green Oasis Landscaping has a wide selection of paving solutions in Perth, so you can choose one that best fits the look of your property and the design of your landscape.


Brick paving has a naturally slip-resistant surface, which reduces the risk of slips and accidents. It retains its colour over time, and because it’s made of clay, it is the more environment-friendly option. It’s strong enough to be used for driveways and walkways.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Concrete pavers carry a lower price tag compared to other types of pavers because they are easier to manufacture. They come in various shapes and colours, making for high design flexibility. They’re weather-resistant and requires little maintenance.


Limestone is a naturally occurring, beautiful stone that comes in different colours, ranging from light beige to dark green. They’re a popular choice for patios and swimming pools because they have a non-slip surface. They’re also frost-resistant.


One of the most durable pavers, granite withstands outdoor environments. It has a rugged, industrial appeal with an anti-skid surface. It’s easy to maintain, extremely durable and versatile. It comes in shades of grey, blue, black, brown and more.

Paving Solutions in Perth

Green Oasis is a premium paving company in Perth you can rely on for quality paving services that keep your outdoor area functional, safe, and visually flawless.

Paving Design

We provide professional paving designs that complement the entire landscape, as well as the façade of the property.


Paving Repair

We repair chipped, broken, damaged or missing pavers to restore your walkways and patios’ mint condition.



Our Perth installers lay pavers masterfully, ensuring perfect alignment, smooth curves and a level height at every point.



We provide a maintenance programme to keep your pavers pristine and serviceable for many more years.

Considerations When Laying Pavers

Before you give the green light for installing pavers, you have a few decision points to go over.
Discuss these matters with our contractors in Perth during the consultation so that we can make the right preparations in our paving services.

Why Choose Us?

When you work with Green Oasis Landscaping, you:
We serve the whole metropolitan area of Perth. No other brick paving contractors can provide you with the paving solutions you need, so contact our team today.

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