Take Control of the Slopes with Retaining Wall System Services in Perth

As one of the leading retaining wall companies in Perth, Green Oasis Landscaping builds beautiful retaining walls that make the most of your sloped property. Discuss your project with us today.

Make Your Space More Visually Appealing

Retaining walls add a visual interest that no other hardscape can; it is much bigger and more textured than pavers and walkways. It enables you to control the slopes of the landscape, providing structural support in certain segments and preventing soil from eroding. In expansive lawns (like those in commercial properties), retaining walls segment the space and create sections for different plants for a balanced softscape. Terraces of retaining walls filled with lush foliage make for a vibrant, attractive garden.

Whatever you envision for your landscape, our retaining wall builders in Perth will make it happen.

Retaining Wall Options

Our retaining wall services in Perth provides a wide array of materials.


A naturally occurring material, limestone has a classic beauty that complements almost any kind of façade. It’s also one of the most durable materials, so it resists the outdoor environment and firmly holds soil in place.

Panel and Post

Instead of single, continuous layers of bricks or timber panels, a panel and post retaining wall consists of vertical posts in between short horizontal slats of material. Even if it looks complex, it’s often easier and faster to install.


Wood has an old-world charm that matches rustic properties—think cottages, lodges or buildings with brick walls. It is installed easily and lasts for a long time. We have several stain options; you can customise your timber.


Concrete has a rugged appeal that suits properties with an industrial aesthetic. It carries a lower price tag than other materials but makes for a sturdy retaining wall. It’s effective in erosion control and easy to install.

Our Retaining Wall Services

Our contractors offer different services to meet your landscaping needs.

Retaining Wall Construction

We build retaining walls for residential and commercial properties in Perth. Before the retaining wall construction, we decide on the design and material and follow the plans strictly.


Wall Repair

If your walls are showing signs of wear and tear, or its structural integrity is beginning to give way, our repair services will restore its pristine condition. We’ll inspect your wall’s materials and build to ensure a sturdy fix.


Retaining Wall Maintenance

To extend the serviceable life of your retaining wall systems, our Perth team offers a maintenance programme that spots problems early on, applies the proper repairs and keeps the walls in good shape.

Why Work with Green Oasis?

Green Oasis Landscaping offers an extremely convenient way to build gorgeous retaining walls for your property.

Get Started on Your Retaining Walls

Contact our contractors to discuss the retaining walls you want for your property. We’ll walk you through the process, as well as your options so you can plan for your dream outdoor space. Get a free quote today.
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