Invest in Reliable Reticulation Installation Services in Perth

Sprinkler systems take the burden of watering the landscape off your shoulders. Get in touch with Green Oasis Landscaping to install a reticulation system in your lawn.

For Landscapes Brimming with Life

Nothing ruins a landscape than brown grass and wilted plants, which is why expansive lawns need regular watering.

Our reticulation systems take the chore out of maintaining your gardens, especially during Perth’s sunniest days. Once you have your irrigation installed, you don’t need to go out into the sun and water the vast lawns. The system also makes sure that the grass and plants get an adequate amount of water according to the season and the needs of each section of land.

If your current reticulation system is broken, our technicians will fix it for you.

Transforming Perth Gardens with Expert Reticulation Solutions

Green Oasis leads in reticulation installation Perth, offering high-quality irrigation systems tailored to your garden’s needs. Our team of seasoned professionals excels in creating custom reticulation solutions that not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces but also boost their ecological health. With our specialised knowledge, your garden will blossom into a vibrant and sustainable oasis. Choose us for top-tier irrigation services that ensure your garden thrives in both beauty and functionality. Let us help you cultivate an environment that is as flourishing as it is enchanting.

Why Is a Reticulation Install Necessary?

Having a reticulation system installed will allow you to evenly distribute water near the roots. Unlike traditional methods of watering where you use more water from the top to make sure they reach the roots, this procedure not only minimises evaporation on the surface but also increases your water savings.

Do Sprinkler Systems Really Save Time?

High-quality sprinkler systems can do all the watering your plants need for you, even when you’re not at home. This is especially helpful in commercial properties because this removes the need to acquire more expenses when hiring people to do the yard work.

How Do You Know Which System Is Best for You?

Green Oasis will design cost-effective irrigation that is based on your needs. These experts will look at factors like the water source, the range of pressure, soil composition, materials used for planting, the general weather condition in the area as well as your personal preferences like aesthetics or ease of use.

All of these factors will be used to design a system that perfectly matches your landscaping needs.

Are Maintenance and Repair Expensive?

Maintenance services shouldn’t cost a lot if you started with quality parts from the beginning. A well-built irrigation system working as intended should give you no problems if it was designed carefully by professionals who know what they’re doing.

How Difficult Is It to Operate an Irrigation System?

Normally, we pick the best controller for you and set the watering schedule, so you don’t have to worry about it. But ideally, we will teach you how to operate the system or make adjustments if you want to switch some things up. We’ll discuss how electric valves work and how you can easily adjust rotor heads and spray heads. Our goal is for you to be able to start up the system on your own and make changes that best suit your current real-life conditions.

That doesn’t mean we won’t be here for you, though. Our specialists are always happy to help you out should you find certain aspects of the system too challenging.

How Much Does An Irrigation System Cost?

Prices really vary depending on the materials, the design, the size of the property to be irrigated and many more. You can get a quote for your property, but it won’t always be close to the final cost, especially if you and the designer decide to make big changes along the way. On average, a complete irrigation system can cost $1,759 to $3,350. Make sure you don’t take the estimate as the final price to prevent problems.

How Long Does It Take to Install?

As previously mentioned, this can vary depending on several factors, especially the size of your property. A small garden could take a day to finish especially if the garden beds are raised. Some projects would take weeks to even months, but again this depends on various factors with local ordinances being one of the most important things to consider.

Work With Reticulation Experts

To make sure your irrigation system, as well as your landscaping project, is in good hands, work with Green Oasis Landscaping. Whether you need help with installation maintenance or repairs, we know we can take on the job for you. Send us a message today and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


We will survey your property and assess the reticulation needs of the landscape so you can choose the right system.


If you don’t have irrigation or want to upgrade your current system, we’ll install a reliable model on your property.


Our technicians fix your reticulation system and restore its former functionality.


Our maintenance programme keeps the system in working condition and prevents problems.

Water System for Gardens in Perth

Keep the plants in your home hydrated and cared for. With a reticulation system, your landscape remains healthy without much effort from you. This is especially important for busy households, where there is simply no time to water the plants.

Our team installs a system that meets the irrigation needs of your outdoor space. It will water the lawn evenly for a specific amount of time. If you already have a system, but it’s causing problems on your lawn, our technicians will apply the proper fixes.

Tailored Reticulation Services for Perth Gardens

Green Oasis stands out as Perth’s reticulation specialists, delivering irrigation solutions uniquely designed for your garden. We factor in your garden’s size, plant types, and soil makeup to create the most effective watering layout. Our service is tailored to Perth-specific landscaping needs, ensuring your garden receives the right amount of care. Being known for our responsive reticulation service, we’re here for all your maintenance and repair needs, making reticulation upkeep easy and stress-free. Trust us to keep your garden flourishing.

Efficient Commercial Reticulation Repairs

For comprehensive commercial reticulation repairs in Perth, turn to Green Oasis. Our expertise extends to delivering efficient, cost-effective irrigation repair solutions tailored to a variety of commercial landscapes. Whether it’s a small business garden or a large corporate campus, our time-saving reticulation services are designed to reduce water usage and utility costs. We focus on sustainability, ensuring your outdoor spaces are maintained with eco-friendly, resource-conserving methods. Rely on us for dependable, high-quality commercial watering solutions that enhance the beauty and vitality of your Perth business premises.

Work with Our Perth Reticulation Experts

When you work with Green Oasis Landscaping, you have the assurance that your reticulation system will give you years of reliable service.

Get Started on Your Irrigation

Enquire about our reticulation systems today, so we can install the right model or repair your system as soon as possible. Once we’ve installed or fixed the system, you may also enquire about maintenance to keep it in working condition.
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