Invest in Reliable Reticulation Installation Services in Perth

Sprinkler systems take the burden of watering the landscape off your shoulders. Get in touch with Green Oasis Landscaping to install a reticulation system in your lawn.

For Landscapes Brimming with Life

Nothing ruins a landscape than brown grass and wilted plants, which is why expansive lawns need regular watering.

Our reticulation systems take the chore out of maintaining your gardens, especially during Perth’s sunniest days. Once you have your irrigation installed, you don’t need to go out into the sun and water the vast lawns. The system also makes sure that the grass and plants get an adequate amount of water according to the season and the needs of each section of land.

If your current reticulation system is broken, our technicians will fix it for you.

Our Reticulation Solutions

Green Oasis Landscaping offers different irrigation services for various landscapes in Perth.


We will survey your property and assess the reticulation needs of the landscape so you can choose the right system.


If you don’t have irrigation or want to upgrade your current system, we’ll install a reliable model on your property.


Our technicians fix your reticulation system and restore its former functionality.


Our maintenance programme keeps the system in working condition and prevents problems.

Water System for Gardens in Perth

Keep the plants in your home hydrated and cared for. With a reticulation system, your landscape remains healthy without much effort from you. This is especially important for busy households, where there is simply no time to water the plants.

Our team installs a system that meets the irrigation needs of your outdoor space. It will water the lawn evenly for a specific amount of time. If you already have a system, but it’s causing problems on your lawn, our technicians will apply the proper fixes.

Irrigation for Commercial Landscapes

Our irrigation systems keep landscape maintenance cost-efficient for businesses in Perth. You don’t have to spend on labour to water the plants each day — a reticulation system gets it done in less time. Also, our water-efficient models use the right amount of water to keep utility bills to a minimum.

Commercial landscapes are often expansive and require extensive systems. Green Oasis Landscaping has a wide selection of products that caters to different kinds of commercial lawns in the city.

Work with Our Perth Reticulation Experts

When you work with Green Oasis Landscaping, you have the assurance that your reticulation system will give you years of reliable service.

Get Started on Your Irrigation

Enquire about our reticulation systems today, so we can install the right model or repair your system as soon as possible. Once we’ve installed or fixed the system, you may also enquire about maintenance to keep it in working condition.
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